Exercise Plagiarism

Plagiarism Exercise

This assignment has two purposes: 

  1. To ensure each student is familiar with the University’s policy regarding plagiarism 
  2. To provide a practice vehicle for submission of assignments with the LEO system 

Assignments will be graded and returned. However, this project is not included in the course score. 

NOTE: Project 1 will not be graded until/unless the Plagiarism Exercise is completed.



  • Each student is to read the information provided by the UMGC policy found in our LEO Classroom under CONTENT -> Syllabus -> Academic Policies -> Policies and Procedures.


Compose a one or two paragraphs (minimum 150 words) that describes your understanding of the UMGC plagiarism policy and how you will abide by it. NOTE: The Certificate of Completion of the Academic Integrity Tutorial does not satisfy this assignment.


Heading: Student’s Name, Name and Number of the Course, Date of submission

 One (1) paragraph, double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins

 The Statement should be an MS Word document attached to the Assignment Folder for Exercise Plagiarism

Although it is a form of “self-plagiarism,” for the purpose of this assignment students may copy/paste the response to the Plagiarism Exercise they have submitted for other Criminal Justice classes.