Submission of your final project idea This should consist of: 3000 words ( 3 ­ 6 features) (must include a journalist and other interviews from anyone­ 3 in total 1 journalist and 2 other people) A series of between three and six features adding up to 3,000 words in total. A website consisting of at least five pages. In each case we expect your piece to include quotes from original interviews you have done with three interviewees. A clear statement of your project idea; A statement of how you intend to deliver it: eg, written journalism, website, video or radio package; A statement of the strengths and weaknesses of your idea: this will help you to start filling any gaps at an early stage; A list of your prospective interviewees: this may change depending on people’s availability so it should include more names than you need; A timeline of when you intend to have each stage of the assignment

(a) started, (b) in progress, (c) completed. REFLECTIVE ESSAY 2000 words This demonstrates the planning, research and creative process used for your substantial piece of journalism. This includes an interview with a journalist working in the field who has inspired your work. This may be one of the interviewees in your main piece as long as he/she is a journalist working in that field. Submission of first part of your work log This should consist of: A daily or bi­weekly account of the work you have been doing on the assignment, along with The thoughts behind the decisions you have taken in progressing your assignment: you can incorporate your notes from the formative exercises to help to explain your choice of subject or rejection of other subjects. This should be informed by academic and industry reading. It is not simply a matter or ‘I though this’ or ‘decided to that’. You should justify your decisions with reference to academic writing and other research.