Unti Plan

Design a 5-lesson instructional sequence for an elementary science class. Lessons should be consistent with 3-D science instructional design in the New York State P – 12 Science Learning Standards/Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and include the following components: Introduction · Rationale to discuss how the inquiry process guides the instructional sequence and flow of the storyline · Table of contents listing lesson titles in order Lessons · 5 lesson plans that include NGSS 3-D design integrating Disciplinary Core Ideas, Scientific and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts. Lessons should include at least one lecture-discussion, a teacher demonstration, a whole-class science activity, technology integration, and a field experience. · Instructional materials and student handouts that accompany each lesson Assessments · Objective test (cumulative for the entire learning segment) · Performance-based assessment (describe the project in a paragraph and build the assessment/project into your lesson plans)