3 slides on the Covid-19 Response.

Your group presentation: (DETAILS)
The whole presentation is 20 -25 minutes = 5 minutes each person 5 min for questions = 20minutes. (Practice so your presentation is not cut short.)
Select a Group Leader upload your group power point presentation according to your group due date.
Each group member 2-3 slides: (the facts/center about your subtopic) (information about the perspective from the far right and an article which shows media bias) (information about the perspective from the far left and an article which shows media bias).

To understand media bias you can read Chapter 5, Fallacies of Relevance (pg. 150) or refer to Fallacies of Relevance power point: Ch. 5 power point.pptx (I can provide the powerpoint if tutor would like it).
Last Slide is for everyone’S REFERENCES and engages the class with a question. (last slide)

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