Your assignment here is to write a paragraph of at least 100 words based on the two articles you found in Unit 4 from the databases listed on the Nursing and Health Studies Guide. You should include a quotation from one of the articles and a summary based on the other article. Please do not use a blocked quote for this assignment. Incorporate a brief quotation into your own work using a signal phrase or other method of incorporation. Be sure to effectively contextualize and incorporate the source material, applying what was covered in Unit 4’s discussion of working with sources. You should also use APA format for the paragraph, and you should include a references list, but you do not need to include a title page or the other sections of the paper.
In the next unit, when you revise your original Unit 2 essay, you will be expected to include this research, which you should keep in mind as you write this paragraph because you can use it in your revised essay.
Your instructor will evaluate this your work based on the following criteria:
Quotation is effectively incorporated, using a signal phrase or some other method of incorporation
Summary is effectively integrated into the text
Quotation and summary are clearly contextualized as part of writer’s discussion of the topic
In-text citations are in correct APA format • Reference list is in correct APA format
Sources are clearly identified and cited, thus avoiding plagiarism

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