5Whys, Swiss Cheese, and Fishbone

Demonstrate the process of a root cause analysis. This analysis will be performed on the NPSG quality-safety problem/issue you identified on your work unit that is not being met or needs improvement. This is the start of you identifying the causes for the problem/issue, who is involved, what systems are involved. (Root Cause Analysis Source.doc)
Here is the Root Cause Analysis Template. Use this template to complete this assignment. (TitlePage.doc)
The following should be included in the paper:
Ask the 5 Whys. 5Why’s(1). pdfYou must do the RCA not write about what an RCA is!
Ask the 5Whys about your identified problem. Review how to ask the 5Whys in the Safety Tool kit 5Whys link above.

Consider the problem/issue in terms of the Swiss Chess Model(2).pdfYou must show your Swiss Cheese Model. Not write about a Swiss Cheese Model

Develop a Fishbone Diagram(3).pdfYou must do a Fishbone Diagram. Not write about a Fishbone Diagram. Just fill in the diagram on the template.

Make sure HIPPA is followed.
Complete the 5Whys, Swiss Cheese, and Fishbone. Do not write about it in sentences will out the diagrams.
The introduction and Conclusion is double-spaced, remember this paper has more diagrams than writing. Use template!
APA 7 ed. formatted paper with references

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