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Objective: Students will watch one movie from a pre-selected group of movies to observe small group communication concepts of conflicts, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork and integrity. This is a 3-6 page paper (actual content) that students will observe a film containing small group communication elements and write of the aforementioned concepts. The cover and reference pages ARE NOT considered part of the 3-6 pages. The paper shall include the following:
Cover page-APA format (see APA Owl Purdue online link under Pages).
Introductory paragraph (5-10 sentences introducing your intentions of the paper).
Provide one paragraph summarizing the plot and characters of the movie (a paragraph consists of a minimum of 5-10 sentences).
Provide an explanation of why you chose this particular movie in relation to Small Group Communication (one to two paragraphs).
Define and describe each of the following small group communication concepts of group conflict, problem-solving, leadership principles, teamwork and integrity.
Provide specific examples of group conflict as well as both poor and good problem-solving skills, leadership principles, teamwork and integrity demonstrated in the movie by the characters (selected scenes).
Examine and provide substantive arguments as to why you believe the characters demonstrated poor or good small group communication skills of the above (#6) concepts.
Provide substantive arguments as to what could have been done to improve communication among group members and/or leaders to solve issues and could there have been different outcomes?
Conclusion paragraph (5-10 sentences summarizing the paper and contribution to understanding small group communication.
Reference page-APA format of your book and movie or any other references you use (see APA Owl Purdue online link under Pages).
Movie list:
Apollo 13
Band of Brothers (6-Part Series)
Coach Carter
Crimson Tide
The Darkest Hour
Facing the Giants
Glory Road
The Great Escape
The Last Castle
Lord of the Flies
Master and Commander
The Perfect Storm
Remember the Titans
Take the Lead
Thirteen Days
Twelve Angry Men

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