An optimization model for aircraft maintenance scheduling and re-assignment

Deliverable 1: Learning Journal

Read the article by C. Sriram, A. Haghani (2003), summarize your understanding of it in at least one full page (font 11, single spacing), and no more than 2 pages. Use the page efficiently. The summary must be your own wording and not copy-paste from the article. Write sufficiently technical using proper terminology from the article and the course content. Be mindful of the logical flow of paragraphs and sections. Reading this summary should provide enough detail to a reader knowledgeable of IENG 3305 content and without prior background of the problem to be able to understand the problem and your (future) solution approach.

To structure your report you may include, discuss and logically link the following topics:

1- Introduction and background of the problem
2- Problem definition and assumptions
3- Methodology and Approach
4- Results and discussions
(please write journal in this format)

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