Analysis of the negotiations between the European Union and Switzerland regarding the institutional framework agreement

Information on the topic: Switzerland has decided to put an end to the seven years of negotiations with the European Union that were supposed to modernize their bilateral relations.
The two partners were struggling to sign a draft version of the EU-Swiss Institutional Framework Agreement, a text designed to ensure Switzerland’s access to the EU’s single market is fair and equal, a balance that Brussels usually calls the “level playing field”. Negotiations began in 2014 and a full draft text was reached in November 2018, setting in motion a back-and-forth between Bern and Brussels to add clarifications and amendments. Two years went by without progress until discussions were resumed earlier this year. Source:

Analysis should be based on the theory of Distributive Negotiation and Integrative Negotiation –
What type fits this negotiation and why?

Press release Swiss government:

European Union statement:

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