Analyze of the character Cora Jenkins

NOTE: This essay is NOT your research assignment. Although your rubric has a research component this consists of the short story you will be analyzing. It is called your primary source. IF YOU CUT AND PASTE PHRASES FROM A SOURCE OTHER THAN THE STORY OR USE OTHER SECONDARY SOURCES THIS WILL BE CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM. Use just your own faculties of critical thinking. You will have a Works Cited page, however, in MLA format. This means that your paper will have the following:

The standard MLA heading
A Works Cited page
Throughout the paper, you will use evidence from the story to support your thesis. You might use one or two direct quotations (short ones if possible) but most of your support will use paraphrases.
You must include a Works Cited page. Do NOT use the word page in that designation.
Avoid references to yourself, such as “ I think”, “I feel”, “I believe” , etc. In an essay 5-7 paragraphs long, answer ONE of the following questions. Make sure that you begin your essay with a specific thesis statement that you can develop with clear examples from the story to support it. After each question, there are some prompts to help you think about an answer.

Analyze the character of Cora Jenkins. (You might think of this as primarily Formalist since it concentrates on an analysis of character.) What sort of person does Cora prove to be? This is your thesis question. To answer this question, think about the events in her life from the beginning to the end of the story and how she responds to each one. What are Cora’s experiences in life, love, and work? What is her family life like? How does she interact with those around her? Who or what does she value? Do her values clash with the values of others? What are her work and social conditions? Is there a common thread to her responses? Does she evolve over time?

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