answer questions about Angie Cruz’s Soledad and Assata Shakers Book

Answer questions in parafraph form
Angie Cruz’s Soledad
What do the different urban spaces in the book (the East Village) and (Washington Heights) represent to Soledad?
What are Soledad’s feelings toward her family and the neighborhood and how do they change? (Spoiler: they do)
Think about what changes we see in Soledad’s relationship with her family–especially her mother. Has it changed and how? Highlight/underline key passages in the book that show this and mark the page numbers in your notebook
Think about how Soledad feels about Washington Heights, her culture, and the Dominican Republic at the end of the book. Has that changed and how? Again, marks key passages
What tensions are there between old school Dominican culture and the different strands of US culture?
Read the last few pages of the conclusion slowly and carefully. What happens?
Assata’s poems: What do they add to the narrative? What insight do they give you about Assata’s inner thoughts?
What spaces/ neighborhoods does she move through? Note them and how each of them either shapes the story and what it means to Assata.
Keep track of major themes that emerge in the story as you read. It’s a good idea to mark examples of them in the text and make a small note in your notebook.

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