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Do NOT use outside research, particularly not the Internet. Write an essay of four [4] to five [5] double-spaced pages answering ONE of the questions presented. Indicate by number at the beginning of your essay which question you are answering; DO NOT repeat the full question in your essay. Use endnotes (NOT footnotes and NOT in-text citations) so that your documentation will not count as part of your text.

The date is 15 July 1829, twenty-five years after the Burr-Hamilton duel. You have been asked to write an article for a British newspaper commenting on three examples of leading American political actors. The newspaper editor thinks that they were behaving irrationally – but you recognize them as exemplifying interactions between honor culture and politics. Explain the role of honor culture in American political culture. Address the role that public opinion plays in forcing leading political figures to engage in honor disputes, and explain what honor means in this political context.

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