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Write an academic paper which analyzes the following topic. To support your thesis, you must use evidence from secondary and primary sources to develop a substantial and historically grounded argument.
Discuss the following:
Select one primary source from Western Europe in the Middle Ages (500-1350) that has not been assigned from class from the Fordham Sourcebook found here. Use this document to explore an episode in Medieval history in more depth. Offer a clear reading of the one source and explore how the document illustrates and illuminates the historical episode. What is the significance of the document in the larger historical context?
Note: document are organized by category, so select a category from the list on the left to access documents. You have a great deal of freedom here to choose a document that interests you.
Make sure that your argument is historically substantiated and well-constructed around a central thesis statement that explores a significant aspect of the history of the Middle Ages that we touched on in class. Use both primary and secondary sources in your analysis. Do more than summarize your primary source. This question is designed to have you look closely at the at the complexities of the Middle Ages. Please remember not to use first person in a historical argument. Your paper should have a clear introductory paragraph with a well-developed thesis, body paragraphs of supporting historical evidence to support that thesis, and conclusions which bring in critical analysis.
To do well on this assignment your focus must be on your selected primary source, background information in textbook, and outside academic source may be necessary. Wikipedia is not an academic source. You can use MLA, APA, or Turabian (which is the version of Chicago style that historians use). You can use the OWL at Purdue University website to access manuals for MLA or APA. The Modern Language Association also has a style guide here.
This assignment should be between two to three pages in length. The font must be 12-point and the margins should be standard. Please double-space the paper so that it is easier to make comments on. I will be looking at your historical evidence and your organization. Your paper should be carefully written. Pay close attention to form, grammar, spelling and punctuation because they effect the clarity of your paper and your grade.

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