Application Task: Developing Conceptual Understanding

Recorded Lesson inquiry – watch video

to answer the following response with lesson plan.

Throughout the MATH course you have been working to develop your skills in instructional planning, teaching, and reflecting.
Most recently in Modules 6 and 7 you examined how the instructional methods of multiple representations and inquiry-based
learning can be used to develop PK-12 students’ conceptual understanding.
In this task, you will analyze a recorded lesson in which you incorporated inquiry into your instruction
and reflect on your lesson’s impact on student engagement and learning.
1. Conduct an analysis of the lesson that you recorded for either using multiple representations or implementing an inquiry
task. Timestamp your use of the instructional method in your video.
2. Reflect upon your planning and instruction, using research and theory to support your analysis. Research and theory can
refer to resources you have been provided with during the course OR resources that you find on your own. For any
resources you use, provide the APA citations. You may use the following resources to help you in writing your reflection:
● Synthesizing Sources: Offers ideas for incorporating information from sources into your writing
● Citing Sources: Offers an overview on why citing resources is important and how to cite sources in APA format
3. Answer the following questions as you complete your reflection:
● Plan: Explain why the instructional method(s) are appropriate for the content expressed in the lesson’s learning
outcome. Consider the following:
○ What aspect(s) of mathematical rigor is being developed in the lesson?
○ Why is the instructional delivery method you selected appropriate given the specific mathematical ideas
being presented in the lesson?
○ What specific research and theory have you encountered in the course that supports your assertion of why
the instructional delivery method is appropriate?
● Teach: Analyze your teaching referring to the video clip and evidence of student learning:
○ In what ways was your implementation of instructional routines effective in having most students
independently engaging in lesson content? How might you improve your implementation of instructional
○ What was one area of strength in your implementation of the instructional method?
○ What is one area for development you would identify in your implementation of the instructional method?

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