Army Review board

I Need a letter written to Army Board of Corrections , I have served for 8 years and three months faithfully with no write up always excelled in everything I did. I was place on orders to go to Joint Base Elmendorf Anchorage Alaska. I was on a Airborne operation September 15, 2016 and as I exited the Aircraft my Parachute had a major malfunction as I had a complete cigarettes roll, Next thing I wake up in hospital. Right away my chain of command kicked me to the curb and took away my promotion I literally almost lost my life and all they said to me was it was my fault I was dumb what kind of NCO would let this happen. Mind you I couldn’t stand up straight for almost a month . I suffer with serious migraines TBI spine issues can not stand on feet more than thirty minutes. I came down on promotion orders for Staff Sergeant and that was quickly taken from me I earned it and fought hard for that promotion. I humbly ask the board to adjust my rank .
(this is a brief history) can you please rewrite in better words

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