Art Question

The New York City Ballet is offering a Digital Season free of charge in Youtube.
They are performing three different ballets all by the founder George Balanchine. I want you to watch these three ballets.
The First ballet is the “Prodigal Son”, music by Prokofiev I am adding a link for you to go directly to Youtube, click at the top of the window on the arrow to view the ballet.
The second ballet is “Stravinsky’s Violin Concerto”, music by Stravinsky.
The third ballet is “Tchaikovsky’s Suite 3”, it’s actually one section of the ballet titled “Theme and Variations”, music by Tchaikovsky.
I want you to watch these three ballets and write about them, the theme of the ballet, what you observed and thought of the ballet, (costumes, sets, lighting) the date it was premiered, the choreographer, the composer, the original cast of dancers in the ballet, this information is available online.
There is no right or wrong answer in regards to your views or ideas of a piece of art or observing a ballet performance. Please describe what you see, some things to remember.
This is how a Company lists it’s dancers, Principal, Soloist, Corps.
When you see dancers together dancing, that’s the corps de ballet.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescription of criterion
Comment on all three ballets in the following: choreography, costumes, sets, dancers,State the date of the premiere of each ballet.

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