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In the discussion thread below, I would like you to write something about a personal way you understand / interpret time. This could be about anything you do where you suspend keeping track of actual time (time on a clock) and shift into another interpretation of time. You will:
1. Explain the activity when this shift happens.
2. Explain why do you think this shift happens.
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EXAMPLE: When I am playing music my understanding of time shifts from its literal representation (the time on my watch) to some internal clock – or maybe lack thereof. Time seems to be flexible when I’m making music – an hour can feel like a minute or a day. I think this happens because my interest in performing music consumes my attention completely, as well as music (often) has a time to it (a notational time), a tempo that is different than the length of a second or minute or hour. While playing you keep count of this tempo so as to stay on the beat. But also music is durational, it has a window of time you must set aside in order to consume it. Unlike a painting, which you can “consume” entirely by looking at it for 10 seconds or 10 minutes – your choice – but you can only “consume” an entire piece of music by listening to the entire thing, which takes the literal length of the song. So instead of dividing my time into minutes and hours, it gets divided into the particular length it takes to make or listen to a piece of music.

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