ARTH200 Art Presentation

Your 5 page Power Point Presentation or 5 page Paper is due at the end of Week 7. Visit the APUS online library, look at the course guides and optionally use the “Ask the Librarian” resource to help you locate scholarly references. They have electronic rights to JSTOR, which is a journal storage database and other data bases.
Choose one artist or architect that is included in any week of our course lessons, readings, or other areas. In this essay, fully discuss the artist and two art samples. Your paper should include:
2 page biography of the artist/architect.
A description, formal analysis, and interpretation of 1 works of art/architecture by that artist (at least 2 pages).
List of research sources (1 page)
at least 5 pages/slides all together
It is best to choose an artist we have studied in the class, but it doesn’t have to be. Do not include any artwork that you have already written about in class. Your artwork analysis should be 2 pages in length and cannot be a work of art we have discussed in Forums. The analysis portion of this assignment must follow the Writing a Critique format you used for your Museum Paper.
Here is a summary of what you will submit:
A 2 page biography of your artist
A 2 page description, formal analysis, and interpretation of the one work of art
Include a Reference list properly citing at least 4 references cited in the MLA citation style (1 page).
DO NOT FORGET: Use your Writing a Critique Art Notes that is in your Week 1 Lesson for the analysis which includes information for description formal analysis.
Use the Required Reading Videos and Resources in Lesson Two to help you with this paper and the Museum Paper.
Wikipedia note: It is an unjuried source, meaning that anyone can post there, even those who know nothing about the subject. AMU/APUS has a great library for source material. Start there.
Writing Resources:
Purdue OWL Writing Resources
Questions to Ask as You Look at a Work of Art
Art and Architecture Sites:
Louvre Museum in France
Metropolitan Museum
British Museum
The National Gallery
Rodin Museum
Musee d’Orsay
The Musee Matisse
Andy Warhol Museum
Late 19th century artists
Buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright
Great Buildings Resources
There are also many museums near you that have outstanding collections. It might be interesting and fun to research a paper and then take a small trip to see it in person sometime. It’s like meeting a celebrity!
You can also start with the name of an artist that you appreciated, conduct an internet search, and resources will be available.
Please consider the following:
Of course you may do an internet search for any of your artists/architects, do keep them scholarly.
DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a reference.
You may use Museum websites or other scholarly sources.
Use double spacing if writing a paper. (Arial 10 or Times-New Roman 12).
It is not necessary to include images, but would make a difference.
Please see the attached Term Paper Grading rubric.
Please see the Power Point Tips in the Week 7 Discussion before creating your Power Point.

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