Assignment 3 Self-Reflective Paper

this Instructions is to help you not to do it exactly:

experience the theory

Q1: —

Q2: “you must use some terminology in chapter ten ”

Q3: about my experience ,,, A) ” i learend group work make everything esay , and i learwnd that we have to create our own agnda , etc .. B) we couldn’t meet up because everyone was busy but we found the time , the video was hard to recored because every one not memorising their own part but.. C ) we over overcome it by stoping a little bit and make everyone memorize their parts we didn’t rush to finish the assessment .. D) i learend to be patient and don’t rush the project just to finsh work with all your heart not doning anything just to finsh .. E) ” you can answer this ”

Q4: “use some terminology from chapter 11”

A) ” you can answer this ”
B) learend how to commuincate with a group
C) when you talk to a group everyone have a perspective on what you said so you have to make sure everyone undrstand you correctly

D) ” you can answer this ”

if you can use a little bit termonolgy from the chapters i uploaded.

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