Babies Behind Bars

Babies Behind Bars Essay
For this assignment, you will write a 4 page paper in APA format (in-text citations, title page and reference page (not included in the page count), Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double spaced, page numbers).
More information on APA format can be found at:…
The paper you will be writing will be based on the documentary “Babies Behind Bars” and the TWO journal articles listed below (and posted on blackboard). The paper should answer the following questions:
What is attachment? Why is it important?
What is the issue under discussion? What are the guidelines for the Indiana prison in the film? Why is this controversial?
What are the other interventions that have been used/studies that have been conducted (found in the Bretherton article)? Were they successful?
What do you personally think about mothers caring for their children in prison and why? How could it work better in your opinion based on the readings and study outcomes?
Each of these questions must be addressed in your paper for full credit. You must also demonstrate an understanding of attachment and that you have read each paper/watched the documentary. The essay must be in APA format and be structured in an organized way.
Please watch this as reference and read articles
This is the bibligoraphy/reference page- you can just copy and paste
Benoit, D. (2004). Infant-parent attachment: Definition, types, antecedents, measurement and
outcome. Paediatr Child Health, 9, 541-545.
Bretherton, I. (2010). Parental incarceration: The challenges for attachment
researchers. Attachment

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