Bi Weekly 5

You will engage critically with two weekly readings from week 12. Discuss what you think of the readings, such as, the author’s argument/s and the material covered in the text.
When writing your paper, keep in mind the following. Each response paper should address some (not necessarily all) of the questions below:
What is/are the central questions explored in the readings, and what are the key terms/concepts/frameworks used to answer or address these questions?
What is/are the central argument(s) of each text?
What kinds of evidence are used to support those arguments and why? How are the arguments in each of the readings related to each other?
Make sure to engage and analyze both readings equally, and provide an analysis that threads and weaves the readings together.
Remember to:
Critically engage with the texts
Be analytical
Use your voice
Make sure your similarity percent on turnitin is no more than 25%.

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