Biology Question

Birds have the sex chromosomes Z and W. Males are ZZ and females are ZW. If long tail feathers in turkeys is caused by a recessive allele on the Z chromosome, and a cross between a male and female with short tail feathers produces 100% of males with short tail feathers and 50% of females with short and 50% of females with long feathers, what were the genotypes of the original male and female turkeys? Show your work/reasoning.

Following a forward genetic screen you identify a number of mutants that cause flies to have shortened legs, a recessive trait. Following a complementation test you find that two separate genes have been mutated. Let S represent gene1 and L represent gene2. You cross flies homozygous for a mutant gene1 (ssLL) to flies homozygous for a mutant gene2 (SSll) together to make a heterozygous dihybrid. If you cross these heterozygous sibling flies together,
What are the gametes produced by each heterozygous sibling?
What would be the expected genotypes observed in the offspring?
What would be the ratio of phenotypes that you would expect to see in the offspring

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