Biology Question

– please read attached PDF for better understanding ( ch7 nano-medicine)
-Choose a medicine ( I would suggest Paracetamol or Tylenol) and describe the mode of action of the medication to either cure the disease or alleviate the symptoms of the disease.
-Specifically, mention the signaling pathway that the medication interferes with along with the specific protein/player that the medication targets. ( this is explained in the attached pdf)
-Mention the company that holds the patent for the medication and if it is off patent (Generics) then mention the original company that held the patent.
-Mention the side effects of the medication if any.
-Conclusion and your viewpoint
Report should not be more than 2 pages (Letter size, A4) (Double line spacing, minimum Arial font 11) which include all tables and figures. References do not count in the 2 page limit.
The report should be worded so that if a reader is not familiar should be able to understand.

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