Blog #5 AMIND140

1) How does our key term “Manifest Destiny” connect to this week’s materials on the California Gold Rush?
2) Please share your reactions to the video, “The Gold Rush Decimated Native Americans.” What new information did you learn about the California Gold Rush? What specific scenes, quotes, or facts from the video stood out to you?
3) In the article, “Why I Teach ‘The Walking Dead’ in My Native Studies Classes,” what connection does the author make between a zombie apocalypse and California Gold Rush history?
4) In the article, “What the ‘California Dream’ Means to Indigenous Peoples,” how does the author define the “California Dream”? What does the “California Dream” mean to Indigenous peoples? What solution does the author suggest?
5) Lastly, please share your overall thoughts/reactions/reflections on this week’s materials.………

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