Business Analytics

Your organization is striving to increase sales while maximizing profits through more effective direct marketing promotions. Ultimately the organization is looking to identify those customers who respond to marketing promotions. In addition, the organization wants to gain insights into how they can better predict future business growth.

Your task is to analyze the data from the Clothing_Store.csv dataset. You are provided links to the dataset and to a document describing the variables in the dataset. Your analysis should include the necessary descriiptive analytics tests to communicate your understanding of what story the data is telling us. Also, your analysis should include the necessary predictive analytics tests to assist decision makers in achieving their business goals.

Your deliverables for this Portfolio Project are:

Business questions
Descriiptive statistics to include charts, graphs, and tables and analysis of your findings
Predictive statistics to include charts, graphs, and tables, and analysis of your findings
Analysis of findings with respect to business questions and hypotheses
Recommendations for further analysis: what other data sources, including big data sources, could the organization utilize to help them achieve their business goals.
Limit the charts, graphs, and tables in your analysis report to only those figures needed to support your findings and analysis. Do not include statistics outputs that are not relevant to your analysis. Your analysis report should be comprehensive yet concise, specific, and most importantly, insightful.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length

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