Business management

Review the situation and conduct scholarly research on employment law. Upon review of the given business situation, create an infographic that evaluates employment law utilizing both federal and state regulations (students should use their own state of residence regulations for the project). Address the following:Distinguish between full-time, part-time, at-will, and contract employment statuses, and state which status reflects your employment position in this company.
What federal, state and international laws explain the rights, responsibilities and protections of employees and employers in the employment relationship?
What are the property rights of employees and employers for inventions as provided in federal intellectual property laws?
Be sure the infographic displays proper grammar, spelling,punctuation, and sentence structure.
ResourcesFor assistance with business writing, please visit Business writing
For assistance with the infographic, please visit How do I create an infographic?
For assistance with grammar checking, please visit How do I create a Grammarly account?

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