Carson and Johnson have asked for your advice. you should have some good ideas about what to tell them using the.modern leadership aproaches

Ryan Carson and Alan Johnson founded Treehouse in 2011 as an online interactive education platform. Treehouse produces courses in web development and programming and business education. Fueled by $12.6 million in venture capital, Treehouse became the largest computer science school in the world within less than three years. It wasn’t long, however, before Carson and Johnson were hearing rumblings of discontent. Putting their joint ears to the ground, the cofounders learned that some front-line employees felt that their input was being ignored. The news was disturbing because Carson and Johnson believed that it was important for employees to be involved in the decision-making process. Maybe they had too many managers, accounting for 10 percent of the workforce. The owners asked: “What if we removed all management and simply empowered everyone to choose what they do every day? We laughed at first and then the conversation turned serious. We had hired talented and motivated people. Did they need managers?”

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