Case Study

Students are required to attend/watch a hearing of involving a constitutional matter and write a 5 page ‘reflections paper.’ This assignment should be broken down into 3 parts:

In one paragraph (approximately 1/2 a page), describe what you observed in the court (ie., what case did you attend? what constitutional issue(s) were being addressed?).

In the next 6 paragraphs (approximately 3 pages) undertake your analysis. What 3 aspects of your experience surprised you or struck you as interesting or unusual?

3)Conclusion and Recommendations
In the last 3 paragraphs (approximately 1 1/2page), discuss 2 to 3 issues that you think could be addressed to improve the administration of justice.

Please ensure that you double space, use one-inch margins, and size 12.

You can watch an archived Supreme Court of Canada hearing:

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