Case Study Project

NTR 3350 Class
I will send you instructions and if you need you can log into my student portal to check some notes.

Identify an individual within one of the life cycles (pregnancy, infant, child, adolescent, adult or elderly).

Case Study Format

1. General descriiption of the subject (age, gender, grade level or educational status, employment, family structure, support group (e.g. church membership, etc.)

2. Descriiption and discussion of weight status and weight gain (if a pregnancy or child get three different ht/wt and plot on the growth chart). If an adult, obtain current weight and usual body weight and calculate BMI for each one- no growth chart.

3. Descriiption and discussion of nutrition intake and nutritional status, dietary habits, etc.

4. Evaluation and recommendations: For this part, I would recommend you utilize a free online program such as the MyFitnessPal dietary tracking application for a simple evaluation. If you choose to utilize this program, the instructions are as follows:

Go to:

o Sign up with Email for a Free Account- utilizing the age and gender of your subject.

o Click on “Food” tab at the top.

o Select the correct date of your subject’s 24-hr recall information.

o Click on Add Food under Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks to enter in the items your subject consumed that day.

o After selecting “Add Foods under the specific meal, use the search feature to look up items consumed. Click on the food closest to what you’re looking for; not all foods are listed, but try to be as accurate as possible.

§ Enter the number of servings, how much and which meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks).

§ Click “Add Food To Diary” and you should see the food/beverage item appear on a list.

When finished entering food and beverages, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “View Full Report (Printable)”

Select the date of your entry
Ensure all 4 boxes are checked in the “Show” (Food Diary, Exercise Diary, Food Notes, Exercise Notes)
Right click on document and select “print”
5. Appendix- which will contain 24-hour dietary recall, food group analysis and the computer printout of nutrient analysis.

6. Please submit your paper via Canvas on or before the due date. Late submissions are subject to point deductions. The late submission policy and grading rubric are located in your syllabus.

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