Case Study (R v Kennedy – 1000 words) Personal Reflections (2000 words)

This Module is assessed through a Workbook/Report of 3000 words (1000 words being a case commentary and 2000 words being a reflection on the course and the relevance of the study of law for criminologists).
A workbook is different from an essay, so you do not have to make an overall argument and you are not required to conduct any research beyond the materials referred to.
However, the workbook must be written in proper sentence and paragraph form (not in bullet point or note form)
It must be properly referenced and include a formal bibliography
You may use the first person (“I”) in your analysis, as you are encouraged to bring your own thoughts and experience into your writing
How you choose to structure the workbook is up to you, but it must include a case commentary of 1,000 words (leaving you 2000 words for your reflections).
I am including the R v Kennedy paper plus some lecture slides from few weeks of the course.

The case commentary (1000 words) should include the following:
Summary of key facts: this should not be too long as the emphasis here is on ‘key’ facts – your ability to be succinct and to the point is essential
Identify the point(s) of law: refer to the offence with which the defendant is charged and identify precisely which element of the offence (or defence) is being questioned or challenged
Analysis of the decision: identify the implications of the case, any possible issues relating to ‘criminalisation’, what a criminological reading of the case can contribute

To help you prepare for the assessment, here is an indicative summary of what you could be thinking about in relation to the personal reflections:
What was or were the main legal doctrines or issue(s) covered;
Why you think those issues are important for the study of criminology and criminal justice;
Do you agree or disagree with the way that the law has dealt with those legal issues (and if you disagree, how might it have done otherwise);
What you have found particularly challenging about studying law, the particular issues you have covered, and how you have managed to meet the challenges;
How do you read/study/research, and what changes (if any) have you made to be able to cover the large amount of material in the course

Why study law?
Key Concepts: actus reus and mens rea
Homicide (murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter)
Domestic violence
Criminalising parents (chastising children, responsibility for child truancy)
Defences (necessity / consent to physical harm)
Property offences (non-fraudulent / fraudulent) (theft family and fraud family)

Thank you very much for your help! Please let me know if you have any question or if something is confusing!

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