Changing the name of Acer company . ( cover letter )

Note to study pool tutor:
I am currently working on a project which is about convincing the CEO of Acer company, who is going to be my audience in this project, to change their company’s name. I have done my library research and gathered 4 sources so far to support my proposal (attached). Also, in the brainstorming process, I’ve decided to not change their name entirely because this might cause loss of customers, but rather adding the word “tech” to “Acer” so it will be “AcerTech”. I believe this would narrow the focus of the industry in the company’s name, which could attract new customers. I also believe that it would be affective for their marketing recognition ,especially when there are huge competitors running the show. So that’s basically my reasoning behind suggesting a new name to Acer . You can add more reasons why this new name would be a good idea for Acer (provide sources) . You can also look at the library research or come up with your own sources if you found better ones to support my proposal to the CEO of Acer company for a name change.
Then, you could start working on the cover letter bellow by following the same instructions for each paragraph. we are to provide a cover letter detailing the company background and the intentions of the report.
Utilize Block Letter or Memo Format
Cover Letter:
The following elements must be included:
-provide contextual background. In this space, provide company background information, proposed demographic, and current issue.
-Think of this as an abstract.
Or a description of a menu item.
2-Problem/Issue/ Suggested Recommendation/ Current Situation
-inform your audience (in this case the CEO) your reasoning for suggesting a name change.
-“Your name sucks!” does not work here folks.
-Get creative. You may decide a reason for the suggested name change as a group.
-Legal/ ethical/ rebranding are all options here.
-This will better help align the research you will complete.
-describes your action.
Must include the following statement:
This Recommendation Report will explain:
-How you plan evaluate the benefits/ disadvantages of the name change.
-How you will move forward with organization employees after name change.
-How you will articulate the name change to the community.
4-Discussion/ Limitation

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