Charity Request for Volunteer Help

Hi, we are a 501c3 listed charity (Mississippi Therapy Animals also listed as MIssissippi Therapy Canines)with the IRS and are in critical need of a volunteer to assist with the following below. We would greatly appreciate your support and help. It has been quite hard with covid and not having volunteers. Thank you for considering to assist viturally for our charity. Our website is . Our logo is listed. Our social media is under Mississippi Therapy Animals. Heres a video about us including myself and some board members. Therapy pups bring comfort to UMMC patients (
We are looking to gain a primary sponsorship from an organization, business/community sponsor or corporate sponsor that will be our main sponsor that will be listed on our volunteer shirts that every volunteer will wear for 2022. This sponsor will have the largest logo on our animal trailer we haul including social media and website recognition. The primary sponsorship amount is $5000.
1. Our organization is in need of a sponsorship form for individuals, businesses, and corporate to give them options to support our charity. For 2022 our top priority is to encourage individuals to provide a monthly ongoing donation yearly. For business and community partners we recommend the following level partnership amounts. $2500 provides designation of logo on our animals trailer that hauls the therapy animals to provide support including crisis and disaster response support all over the state of Mississippi.
Full social media recognition directing individuals to sponsor web page.
Sponsor recognition on our website.
one animal therapy visit scheduled to public buisness site or public location of choice in mississippi (location must be approved) to provide one hour therapy animal visit.
Sponsor option $1500- logo placed on our animals trailer we haul our therapy animals with
social media recognition , and recognition on our website.
I’ve attached an example of the sponsorship form that is needed. If you have any better ideas to make the sponsorship better please include your ideas and thoughts. Thank you for your assistance.

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