Chemistry discussion

Rate of chemical reactions define how fast or how slow compounds form, this is an important factor when it comes to food industry. In order to increase shelf life of consumables, it is required to slow down decompositions reactions. In many cases, these reactions can be related to reaction with oxygen (oxidation). Sulfites and nitrites are inorganic compounds used as preservative or antioxidant. In this topic, you will extend your knowledge in scientific literacy by investigating recent research reports related to the use of either nitrites or sulfites.
Part 1
Go to Google scholar and search about sulfites or nitrites using the following expressions:
Sulfites nitrites
Sulfite good or bad
Nitrites good or bad
Sulfites and microbiome
Nitrites microbiome
Adverse health effects of sulfites (or nitrites) additives
Chose an article of interest, summarize the main topic of the research article and explain what health effects are highlighted in the article. Also, in your post, include answers to the following questions:
What are the names and chemical structures of the sulfites or nitrites additives used in food. What type of chemicals are sulfites?
Explain why sulfites or nitrites are added to food?
What would happen if sulfites or nitrites were not added to food?
Which sulfites or nitrites are naturally occurring compounds? Are they safer?
How safe is it for kids to eat food with sulfites?
Part 2
Answer the following questions:
How do you interpret the following expression: Sulfites are to wine as gluten is to food?
What type of sulfite are added to wine?
APA Citations: For each source you reference please use APA citation format.

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