Christian Feminist relationship to the Feminist Movement

Writing assignments for a semester’s comprise a minimum of 15 pages for MA students, exclusive of bibliography.

Graduate level research papers should include at least 13 sources (MA students), Chicago formatting and footnotes; students in other programs may use the citation styles required by their programs.

A well-written research paper:
• demonstrates excellent comprehension of the selected texts and integrates understanding of the readings
with personal experience and perspective
• combines strong creative and rational skills
• demonstrates strong critical thinking, offers original insights, and integrates the perspectives of a variety of
• meets academic standards for English writing and composition (i.e. grammar, punctuation, organization of
ideas, structure, etc.)
• demonstrates understanding of academic principles of research, analysis, thesis development, structure,
organization, evaluation, and conclusion.

Students are required to demonstrate mastery of grammar, content development, and organization in their papers. In
addition, students should demonstrate appropriate levels of scholarship and research skills.

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