Climate Impacts on forests

The Challenge:
Conduct in-depth research on the implications of climate change for natural resources management.
The IPCC 5th Assessment is a good starting point. Possible natural resources topic areas include rivers and lakes, wildfire, groundwater, water quality, tropical rainforests, temperate forestry, biodiversity, agriculture, fisheries, or others that you think of. Your focus can be narrow, such as a specific wildlife refuge, or broad such as “Agriculture”.
Identify an area of natural resources management and describe the threats that climate change poses for that sector.
Describe ways that natural resource managers can respond to that threat, to minimize those impacts (adaptation).
Describe how the way managers do their job would change in a post-carbon economy. (Example: How will they till fields without tractors?)
Identify ways that natural resource managers can help to minimize the level of climate change that occurs in the first place (mitigation). This can be through changes in the management of the resource that help to sequester or preserve carbon stocks in the land biosphere, or through advocacy – helping society to understand what is at risk so that they will act sooner/ more comprehensively to reduce emissions.
Twelve pages, double spaced. If you have more than two pages of figures, this should be lengthened.
A minimum of ten references from peer-reviewed scientific journals or IPCC reports. In addition to the ten, other reputable data sources (such as government websites, (hmm) can be cited as necessary.
The paper should contain four Sections: Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion, References.

Above are the Instructions for the paper, they are also on the file I shared along with the sources that I have already found and I would like them used in the paper.

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