Communicating with a Teenager

Write a three paragraph essay to reflect on the article above: th
The first paragraph should
reflect your feelings in a very general way.
site the article’s name and the author’s name
be sure to create a thesis statement at (or near) the end of the first paragraph
The second paragraph should
Address one specific aspect of the article that you would like to agree/disagree with; reference specifically for the reader (…in section 3, the authors explains that…)
Make a claim. “Teenagers need freedom…”
Prove the claim. “Dr. Name Name from a different article said that “blah blah” and this disproves the author’s…”
Make me care about the claim. “If teenagers had more freedom, more young people would likely…”
The third paragraph shouldConnect the argument in the second paragraph with a call to action. Encourage parents/teachers/teenagers to do a thing. Now connect it back to the thesis. Use 7 of the following words in your writing.
Ebullient – Cheerful, full of energy
Eclectic – Wide-ranging, comprehensive
Esoteric – Obscure, abstract
Fastidious – Meticulous
Garrulous – Talkative, verbose
Gregarious – Social
Hackneyed – Overused
Imperious – Authoritative, dictatorial
Laudatory – Expressing praise
Mollify – Appease, pacify
Obdurate – Stubborn, inflexible
Preclude – Prevent, prohibit
Reticent – Reserved, withdrawn
Spurious – Fake
Tenacious – Tight, firm
Verbose – Talkative
Wistful – Reflective

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