you will need to find a social media post that shares misinformation. If you need help locating such a post, use the individuals and accounts in the “Disinformation Dozen” report to help you. Select a post from a well-established account, with a large number of followers, and with high engagement.
A post with high engagement will have a large number of likes, shares, and/or comments. I will leave it to you to determine what a “large number” means, but the idea here is to find a post that has been widely circulated. You can find posts with thousands of likes, comments, or shares/ I encourage you to find a post that relates to the topic of your project, but that’s not a requirement for this assignment, as it might be difficult to find. You will need to analyze this post, including what information is in it, why the post might be attractive, and the account responsible for the content.
Some questions to help guide your analysis and rebuttal. You do not need to answer each of these questions directly, rather use them to direct your critique and research:
Who is sharing the post? What kind of account are they?
How does the post make its information seem reliable or scientific?
Does the post present itself as some kind of authority? How?
What narratives does the post use to appeal to audiences? Does the post present itself as being more free-thinking than those who follow the establishment?

What options are being offered? A kind of treatment or supplement? A practice?
If the post uses scientific sources, have a look at them. Why do they seem reliable? Does the post accurately represent the sources they cite? Why or why not?

What does the poster have to gain from posting this misinformation?
Your analysis should be at least two paragraphs. Be sure to discuss the body that posted the information, as well as why the post is appealing. The exact content of the analysis will differ based on the post and content, as well as where you choose to take your analysis. What I want to see is discussion of why this misinformation is attractive to a wide audience- why does this post have so much traction?
As always, cite your sources properly using APA. Both social and academic sources need to be properly cited.

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