Computer Science Question

Research Paper
Efficient Architectures for emerging technologies and applications: Edge, IoT(Internet of Things), AI/ML/DL (Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning/ Deep Learning)
CSE-6100: Modern Computer Architecure

Find a minimum of four peer-reviewed articles on the topic and write a survey paper or your own project with results (simulation, analysis, programming, …, etc) of the topic based on those articles.
You can search the related papers from IEEE, ACM, Elsevier, mdpi, Springer database, …, etc. The reviewed article used in the assignment should be published in a conference or research journal/transaction.
Your research paper should include the following sections:
Title (author(s) information)
Introduction (the first section in your paper) :Background of the topic
Existing research of the topic
The reason that you pick these four papers
Brief description of the four papers
The organization of the paper

AnalysisDetailed technical description of the first paper
Detailed technical description of the second paper
Detailed technical description of the third paper
Detailed technical description of the fourth paper

Your own comments and recommendations on the papers. Findings, results, analysis.
Requirements for all papers:
The paper must be typed (single-spaced, Arial 12-point font, 1” line spacing), spell-checked, and proofread for grammatical correctness, 8 pages.
No more than 15% of the material can be from other sources including direct quotes.
Your own comments or improvement suggestions on the selected papers.
NOTE: – No Plagiarism. Have to write on own words (10 PAGES)

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