This is a group project assigned to us by our Criminology professor where we had to come up with a policy from scratch that could be implemented into the criminal justice system. So, 3 other girls and I came up with a policy and started to write a paper from scratch. Each one of us had to use 4 sources as reference, so you could use any cited in APA. The part that I need to address is the costs of implementing this policy. So, Describe the resources needed to implement the policy. (APA style citations) and Describe the organizational costs needed to implement the policy. (APA style citations). This is completely invented, so it would need to have something like technology costs, salaries, funding, and all of that. Remember that it is proposing a way that we could do that if the policy was established in real life for the criminal justice system.
I am unable to complete my part because of personal reasons. So, what I am asking is that you write it from scratch and come up with the things that I would’ve had to for my parts and write them in one page. I apologize if this is inconvenient but I couldn’t think of another way. Finally our policy is: Policy we are implementing!!— We are implementing a federal law/policy that will mandate law enforcement agencies to require officers to use BWC and have a designated partnership with an outside reviewing team that will ensure that police officers are following protocol within the videos (when they are making stops, arrests, family visits etc). That way, there is an unbiased perspective from the outside.

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