Hello please I am sending you the information
1) The template: to follow the case presentation Report Instructions
2 CASE PRESENTATIONS AS A GO-BY ONLY. Please do not copy or plagiarize anything from the go-by paper information. It is just for you to see how the paper must be finalized. Someone by mistake copied something and the instructor returned the paper, almost got into an issue, thank you.
3) I am sending you the Grading Rubric so you can see how the score for the advance instruction is required to make the standard grade that the instructor required.
I am also sending the article that the instructor wants me to use in the paper.
Please make sure that the instructions are followed
It needs 7 references including the article I am sending you. The citations and Reference page have to be in APA format. THE ARTICLES HAVE TO BE PEER REVIEW ARTICLES AND ARTICLES THAT ARE RETRIEVED IN THE US.
Please in Part 2 Case Conceptualization at the end put the Cristian worldview perspective that is expected in the paper. I already did the part until the diagnosis for you to have the information of the client ANNA.
Plz do not forget to add the diagnosis part C, d, E Plz follow all the steps in the template, but they go must from the Rubric. All I want to have are 5 pages including the Christian worldview perspective parts two and three of the report. Please I have to have done this report no longer than today.
Thank you

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