Criminal Justice Question

Something you might want to consider adding to your paper are your policies and procedures on sexual harassment, drugs, workplace violence…. This is if you are short on pages.
For your paper you are to explore in depth the questions below creating you own Private Security firm, or agency;
1.Choose a what type of private security firm or agency ie.. Fire investigation, private investigation, personal security firm., etc….
2.Who are your target clients?
3.You will create a code of ethics for your agency
4.What are the services you offer and why?
5.What are your qualification requirements for employees ~ must haves and preferred qualifications and why. For example Military experience, college degree etc… Be very specific
6. You will also write a vision and mission statement for you “Company”
Everything needs to be in paragraph form except for your code of ethics which can be in bullets but needs to be in sentence form. Remember your paper is in a way a sales pitch for your company so remember that as you are writing that.
You will need to use at least 3 outside sources to aid you in your agency set up and this can include and strongly recommended the use of your textbook. The paper should be at least 4 pages, not including your title or reference page. You will use 12 point font, either Arial or Time New Roman, and double spaced.
My firm is based of blackwater secuirty firm but it is not blackwater so please dont name it blackwater just dont name it at all my services are to protect interest overseas like embassies and oil stuff.

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