Critical Analysis

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Critical Analysis (Unit 4) Due: Sunday, November 7, 2021, by 11:59 PM Central Time (CT)

For each Critical Analysis, you must follow this four (4) step process: 1- The first step is to select one (1) specific chapter from the Global Issues text. Your selected reading will serve as the focus for your Critical Analysis. It is recommended that you select a reading based on your personal interests to expand your understanding of cross-cultural experiences. You may select any chapter, even if we have yet to read it. 2- The second step is to find a suitable location, and, once ready and settled, begin to carefully read your selection and take notes. 3- The third step is to begin to create your Critical Analysis. In a separate document, be sure to type your name, “GS 2010”, “Spring 2021”, and the appropriate Critical Analysis Number (1 or 2) at the top. Copy and paste the following questions and provide responses for each. I’ve provided you with a template in the “Assignments

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