Critical thinking – Case Study

Juan ran through his checklist one last time. The building had everything he expected in a cold site, at a substantially lower price than he had anticipated. If he contracted with this organization and worked with the vendors that supplied HAL’s hardware, he could guarantee his boss, Robert Xavier, a 4-hour recovery point objective (RPO) for administration, a 6-hour RPO for the help desk, and a 12- to 24-hour RPO for the entire data center, with critical functions established in 4 to 6 hours. This was significantly better than he had hoped, and he knew Robert would be pleased.
“We’ll take it,” he said, extending his hand.
Discussion Questions
1. Why is it important for an organization such as HAL to have a site like this setup?
2. What features would HAL be looking for in a cold site like this?
3. What major items should be on Juan’s checklist.
4. Suppose that as the negotiations for the recovery site proceeded, Ms. Novak, informed Juan that she would like to “make some adjustments” to the contract that would make it cost “just a little bit more” for HAL in the event the recovery plan was activated. She would give Juan an envelope of gift cards worth about $1000 if he would “look the other way” on these changes during the contracting process. Is this an ethical thing for Juan to do? Do you think it is legal?

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