Critics of Martin Heidegger’s concept of ‘Gestell’ claim that it is too totalizing. Do you agree or disagree? Make an argument by close reading Heidegger’s text(s) and at least one other course text from the first five weeks.

Your answers should demonstrate serious, ongoing engagement with course themes. Each answer should be 600-750 words.
The questions are not simply about retention and regurgitation. They are about thinking. Each invites you to use course themes and texts to reflect, synthesize, and theorize. Superior answers will show an ability to move beyond rehashing ideas from readings and lectures and will instead show creative, critical, and independent thought. Do more than generalize or opine. We are looking for arguments, not assertions. Be as specific and precise in your answers as possible. Stay within the course (unless asked to find an external example). Refer to course texts and cite accordingly (author, title, page number is fine). Do not plagiarize from online sources; any paper found to be over-reliant on such sources will receive an F. Make sure to proofread your answers for spelling and grammar.

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