cultures and business environments of Asia and Latin America

You are a senior manager for a U.S business that plans to expand into foreign markets with manufacturing plants and sales offices. However, you first need to do your research and report your findings in a detailed report to the CEO of the company (make up a name and company).

You are interested in researching the cultures and business environments of Asia and Latin America. When you complete your research, write a report for the CEO of your company. Your report should advise the company’s executives of the social customs, family life, attitudes, education, and values of the countries. In addition, the report should include the norms for business etiquette and customs.

Once you have presented the information on both countries, advise the executives which country you recommend to expand the company’s business operations and explain your reasons.

Write a business report that includes the information in the scenario. The report should display evidence of thought and effort. The length of the report depends on the thoroughness of your research. Use at least four credible sources (articles, databases (Business Source Premier), periodicals). Be sure to include facts, statistics, and expert opinions. Be sure to use MLA format with your citations.

Incorporate in the report to be most effective any number of the following: headings, tables, pie charts, maps, and photographs.

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