current event

For this assignment you will need to find a current event on an environmental issue. The issue can be local, state, national or global. You must 1) give a brief summary of the issue; 2) include your thoughts or comments on the issue; and 3) properly cite your source. Current events must be current – within the last few weeks of the assignment being due. Your submission should be approximately 350-500 words.
The current event must be from a valid news source.
Things to remember:
Must be an environmental issue. An earthquake or hurricane is not an environmental issue but the effects of the natural hazard may be (what environmental damage did it cause? What environmental factors might have caused it, (i.e. climate change)?
It must be current – no older than a month
You must write a summary AND comment on it – what did you think about the article, the issue?
You must cite the article.
Your summary and comments need to be 400-500 words.

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