Deliverable 4 – Team Development Presentation

Deliverable 4 – Team Development Presentation
Assignment Content

Implement leadership strategies for managing group and team dynamics.

Transferable Skill(s)
Diversity and Teamwork

You are the Director of Human Resources, and you are attending a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) summit to enhance leadership strategies. You have three scenarios to review and, using leadership strategies, summarize how to address and resolve the issue.

You have two employees that cannot work together, and due to their disagreements and poor communication, it has disrupted the team. One employee says the other employee is “angry, loud, ineffective, and unintelligent”, while the other is citing a possible “dislike” and “unwillingness” to work together due to “their beliefs.”
You have a female team member that has just reviewed their annual evaluation, and they noticed their score is lower than their counterpart, who happens to be a male. The female team member is aware that the male coworker has several documented work infractions (late to work, absentees, slow or late work, etc.), but he has received a pay increase, whereas the female employee has not. As both of their supervisors, the female team member has approached you with questions.
It has come to your attention that political discourse has become a big distraction in the workplace, and it is impacting productivity and employee morale. A group of individuals continued to carry on group discussion in the workplace and was overheard trying to organize a political demonstration on work time and premises. The group said they all want to wear specific political stated masks during working hours. The company has already put out a memo to cease all political conversation while at or on work grounds. As a manager, you know that your team worked very well, “like family,” before the political talks.
As part of the DEI Summit training exercise, you have been given a worksheet to complete for each of these scenarios. Specific questions have been provided, as well as an area for additional information you would like to add. Download and complete the DEI Summit training exercise form below.

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