Dijkstra’s sssp algorithm

mplement Dijkstra’s SSSP algorithm in Python 3. you should represent vertices using only the integersubscripts. For example, a vertex v5 would be represented simply as the integer 5.
•Your Python file must be named dijkstra.py.•Your program must contain a method named dijkstra that takes as an argument the weight matrixW, represented as a Python 2D list, and returns a 2-tuple (D, P), as constructed by the algorithm.•Your program must contain a method called getPath that takes two arguments, the list P producedby Dijkstra’s algorithm and a vertex i (represented as an integer). This method should return a listcontaining the vertices in the shortest path from v0 to vi, including both v0 and vi.•Your program should not contain a function call from the global scope. It should only define functionsthat will be called by a separate program.

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