Discover who is receiving public tenders in Nova Scotia.

Governments in modern liberal democracies are not only required to hold free and transparent elections
but must also take steps to be accountable and transparent in their operations. In an effort to provide
transparency, the Government of Nova Scotia publicly posts all if its procurements (a.k.a. “public tenders”)
online (Nova Scotia, 2021). These tenders are almost always released publicly so that companies and
individuals can bid on the contracts in a fair manner.
One of the consequences of releasing public tenders online is that it means that members of the public
can also assess which companies are being awarded the tenders. Using this data, we can attempt to learn
whether the government has preferences for certain companies or whether the government is awarding
contracts fairly. To make it easier for us, Nova Scotia has kept a record of its tenders and has posted it to
its open data portal (Open Data, 2021). This data consists of a CSV file and is provided in your capstone
2 folder on Brightspace, and each row represents a tender. Its features are summarized below

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