I put a document with the questions that I answered about the flm that is gonnan help you, Also this the link https://we.tl/t-lLcwdZEYXW on wetranfers that you can have acces to the short film (1min) .
Chapter 15: Final SPOILER: . 1). Compare your answer with other group members—did the wording of the question seem to influence your answer to this question? What about some of the other “leading” questions in the assessment? (e.g. “Which car ran the red light?” “Was the animal that crossed the road moments before the accident a dog or a cat?” “Was the windshield completely shattered or just cracked near the driver’s side mirror?”). Did you tend to answer in the way the questions led you, even though there was no red light, no animal, and no cracked mirror? 2). Explain why people might remember seeing things they didn’t actually see when they are asked such questions. 3). Does this demonstration change the way you would listen to testimony and consider eyewitness interviews in a trial if you were a juror? How so? In your follow up comment, make sure to highlight #1 above – compare and contrast with at least one other group member!

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